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When onion flowers disappear - 2 causes

Where did the bulbs go? A real hobby gardener knows exactly where which onion flowers are planted in the garden. But what if onion flowers disappear? Onion flowers can disappear over time. In spring, we are all looking forward to the first signs of spring sticking their heads out of the ground and delighting us with their beauty.
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Home & garden

Growing cotton - that's how it's done

Growing cotton is not exactly easy. If you still want to try it out, here are our tips on how to plant cotton yourself. Growing cotton is not easy The wild form of cotton - a mallow family - comes from purely tropical regions and is rarely used once as a garden plant or
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Ideas & inspiration

Terrace construction: tips for planning and execution

You don't have to be a professional to build a terrace. Artisan hobby gardeners can also build their own terrace. We give you tips for planning and execution. Many people spend many hours on weekends, after work or on vacation on the terrace. Friends and neighbors are welcomed here for a barbecue, sunbathing on the lounger or enjoying their coffee in the fresh air in the morning undisturbed.
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Bedding plants

Tropical plants in the winter garden - mango, papaya and Co.

How about mangoes? Many have a winter garden. This is something really fine. Many put a lot of plants in there. Some even have tropical plants in the winter garden. Bringing home south Conservatories can be used in a variety of ways. While some only stock the winter garden with easy-care plants that can withstand cooler temperatures, other tropical plants stand in to bring the south home.
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Preserving herbs - 5 options presented

Fresh herbs are only available for a limited time a year, which is why you should preserve your herbs. Here are 5 ways you can do it. There are various ways to make fresh garden herbs durable for the winter months. To do this, you have to harvest most of the garden herbs shortly before the first frosts, so that they can sprout again in the coming spring.
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Camellias - they are very demanding

Camellias are very demanding If you have the wonderfully blooming camellia at home, in the garden or on the terrace, you should know that camellias need a lot of care. Camellias are very demanding Basically, you have to pay a lot of attention so that the camellia also thrives and surprises you with flowers.
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