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Make mulch yourself - how it works!

In autumn, many trees are cut again, so that a lot of waste is created in the garden. Before you dispose of this waste, you can make mulch yourself and do something good for your own garden. Chopping wood waste A small chopper is enough to shred the large amount of wood waste.
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The Skimmia - evergreen balcony plant for winter

If you want to make more out of your balcony and also want to look at great-looking plants in autumn and winter, it is good to get a Skimmia (Skimmie). Skimmia brings color to the balcony A little color is good for us, especially in the cold season - with the Skimmia you definitely have it in front of the window.
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FuxTec petrol hedge trimmer for 89.90 euros instead of 199 euros!

There is a really great offer in the eBay summer sale: the petrol hedge trimmer from FuxTec is 54% cheaper! Instead of 199 euros, only 89.90 euros have to be paid. »Go to the offer here ... Once a year I have to cut my hedge, which is now almost 3 meters high. So far I have always stood on a large folding ladder and then worked with an electric hedge trimmer.
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Bedding plants

Preventing snails - 3 tips

Snails in the garden do not have to be. In addition to weeds, the hobby gardener's biggest enemy is snails. They can become a real nuisance. And you will enjoy the garden buffet: salad, strawberries, dahlias, clematis, student flowers, lupines - to name just a few. When the table is well laid, they come in droves.
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Tips & Tricks

Recognize a lack of nutrients in plants

Bright leaves indicate a lack of nitrogen. A lack of nutrients is not immediately apparent in plants, because they only show it after a few weeks. Therefore, you have to react quickly at the first signs. Depending on how the leaves or the whole plant behave, certain shortcomings can also be closed.
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