Bedding plants

Goodbye to the lawn - the verbena is “in”

Verbena instead of lawn

The lawn is common in most gardens. But not everywhere does it grow as you would imagine. What lawn does not like is shade, because it is damp there, it does not grow as it should and many mosses can also form.

Too much sun is not always an advantage. And if it is subjected to heavy loads, it can quickly become unsightly. In addition, you have to mow it again and again. A lawn substitute is now coming from Japan that is becoming more and more popular in German gardens: the Carpet Verbena, The exact name is "Summer pearls". And as it is called, it also looks like this. Because in it grow little pink flowers that look with a little imagination, like little pearls.

The special advantages are:

1. ease of care
2. the robustness and
3. the height

The verbena is just four centimeters high. That means you don't have to mow the lawn all the time. And it is also a feast for the eyes. Maybe it will soon grow in your garden.