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Buying a ride-on mower - advantages and buying tips at a glance

Sit instead of pushing and pulling. Such a ride-on mower is much more comfortable than a normal lawnmower. But not worth it for everyone. Tips and hints here.

Ride-on mowers are very comfortable

Green spaces are part of numerous gardens, because for most garden owners a well-kept lawn is indispensable. However, beautiful lawn does a lot of work, among other things, it is necessary to mow it regularly. This is a task that should not be underestimated. The larger the lawn, the more work it takes to mow.

Mowing the lawn can be exhausting

Given that mowing the lawn can be a tedious and exhausting task, owners of large gardens often consider buying a ride-on mower. However, the purchase is often underestimated. Prospective buyers often assume that they only have to visit a hardware store for a short time to find the right mower. But the reality is completely different.

But is it worth buying such a device at all and what should you pay attention to when buying a ride-on mower? We would now like to explain all of this to you in more detail.

Advantages of a ride-on mower

" Comfort:

The comfort offered primarily speaks for the purchase of a ride-on mower. It is simply more convenient to drive the mower than to push it - and the more lawn needs to be mowed, the greater the relief. However, you do not necessarily have to have a large garden to make the purchase worthwhile.

Seniors especially appreciate the switch. Mowing with a ride-on mower costs less power and thus promises a better quality of life.

»Ride-on mowers are versatile:

The additional areas of application can also speak for an acquisition. If you buy appropriate attachments, such a lawn mower tractor can also take on other tasks. For example, many models can be used as fertilizer spreaders. Some even as lawn sweepers, for example to collect the leaves in autumn.

Many models can also be expanded with snow blades, so that they can be used to clear the yard and sidewalk from snow in winter.

Save money when buying a lawn mower

Various models are available on the market, the differences of which cannot be taken lightly. In addition, the costs cannot be ignored. Ride-on mowers are not lawnmowers, but vehicles - and that is exactly why you can pay substantial amounts when you buy them.

Precisely because quality has its price and good ride-on mowers make a big hole in some household budgets, prospective buyers are often looking for ways to cut costs. And that's exactly what you should do in the first step. Here are two tips that can save you a lot of money:

»Tip 1 - buy a used ride-on mower:

A typical measure is to buy a used ride-on mower. The portal, for example, offers one possibility. If the price is right and regular maintenance can be proven, this variant is very interesting.

»Tip 2 - Don't buy a ride-on mower alone:

As an alternative to the previous variant, it is also advisable not to use the mower alone. Saving money with friends or relatives to use the mower together also saves you money.

Choose a ride-on mower according to the size of the lawn

Now that you have decided how to get the ride-on mower, you should now think about the right model. It is not that the individual mower models differ greatly in their construction. At first glance, most ride-on mowers all look very similar. The size differences are most noticeable.

The differences, however, are more pronounced with regard to the intended area of ​​application. The manufacturers design their models for certain areas of application, which are essentially defined by their performance. For example, the lawns of a large park cannot be climbed with a ride-on mower that was designed for use in smaller private gardens.

The models offered on the market are precisely within this spectrum. It starts with very small lawn mower tractors that are affordable for everyone and ends with mowers for large lawns - such models can cost as much as a new compact car.

" Important:

So that you do not make a bad purchase, the second step is to determine which requirements exist or how large the lawn area you want to mow is. In addition, when choosing, you should take into account which other tasks you would like to do with the ride-on mower.

If you take all of this into account, the selection of devices can then be narrowed down very well. Now all you have to do is decide which device to buy.


As you can see, ride-on mowers are extremely comfortable because they not only make work easier, they also save a lot of time. It is always important, however, that when choosing a ride-on mower, you primarily pay attention to the quality offered. If you only look at the price, you are making a big mistake, because it is precisely in this area of ​​garden tools that quality has its price. Practice also confirms that it is worth investing in brand quality. Appropriate mowers not only promise more power, but also a significantly higher level of reliability and safety (7,000 injured every year when mowing the lawn).

In this context, we would also like to refer to the topic of maintenance. Unfortunately, the regular maintenance of the lawnmower is often neglected by some owners. However, it is immensely important, because otherwise the wear will be significantly accelerated.

" Tip:

It is best to choose a mower model that can be serviced by one of the local companies.